8 Feb 2012

Valentine Day & Free Sex

Valentine Day is the day that held on February 14 that for the lovers express their love each others with giving a flowers , sending a greeting cards and other romantic expression, the valentine day usually celebrate by western people.

The question is how the date of 14 February become the chosen day. Some historical book said it begins with the day of born of Rome Bishop with name Valentins. As a bishop on old Rome, they can't  marry women. However the Valentin's keep his love live & get marry with his lover.

Maybe the struggle of the bishop to get his love until he died with his love that inspired the Valentine's Day held on February 14...I am not sure..actually.

Anyway, I don't care about the day, the name of valentine and the bishop but that We should care now is how our young generation, our son and our daughter express the valentine's day, express their love with over acting...Free Sex...

Modern life style or western life style is getting worst & scaring us with their human right for sex. Free sex is the basic human right as western people said. So, parent's can't prohibits their child to do sex with their couple even they are not getting married....It's really crazy & scary for us as a parent's of our children.

As a parent's we have to protect our children with this crazy era. The Religion & Caring each others in the family is the key to closed free sex western door.

Take care & be aware of the Valentine Free Sex Day.

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  1. ngerayain valentine dg sex itu kampungan. mending ibadah bareng :)